Sheet vinyl, vinyl tile, and vinyl planks

Todays  innovative alternative to natural stone, ceramic and hardwood, but more comfortable, kinder to your feet, and easier to care for in any room of your home.


Available in a variety of colors, styles, and patterns,  there is nothing that replaces the feel of carpet!  Todays fiber systems are engineered to resist matting, crushing and staining so that your room can maintain its beauty and appearance over time.

Ceramic and porcelain tile


For a classic, elegant look, tile is sure to complete any room.  We offer multiple shapes and sizes, opening the door to a world of creative pattern possibilities. 

Flooring to fit any decor -

Bring us your design elements and we will work with you to choose flooring that will fit any decor in any room. Spruce up your home and your life with a new look today!

 Hardwood flooring 


Long admired for the  look, and respected for milling expertise,  wood flooring  will give you the quality, and character, to enhance any room. There are some natural color variations to provide the charm desired.

Let Fine Floors by Mathison help you turn your dream house into your dream home with the look and feel you want in every room...